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Weather-Resistant Right Arrow Parking Sign

Direct traffic in your car park to help drivers find their way


From: £13.95 ex. VAT ( £16.74 inc. VAT)

  • Hard-wearing weather-resistant materials
  • Simple, eye-catching design
  • Can be used alongside other signs

Car parks can be confusing places for drivers, particularly when they're on the larger side. To make it easy for people to find their way into and around your car park, this simple arrow sign lets people know which direction they should head to find what they need.

The sign can be used on its own to direct traffic in a one-way fashion, or can be displayed with other signs to direct people to specific parts of the car park or your premises. For example, using the arrow sign underneath a disabled parking sign helps disabled drivers find where they need to go.

With a choice of weather-resistant materials available, the sign is suitable for use outdoors and won't rust or corrode in the rain.

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