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Weather-Resistant Disabled Accessible Parking Sign

Help your car park users find disabled accessible parking


From: £24.00 ex. VAT
From: £21.84 ex. VAT ( £26.21 inc. VAT)

  • Durable, weather-resistant materials
  • Eye-catching design with large symbol
  • Choice of fixings let you display the sign prominently, wherever you need it showing

Providing disabled accessible parking helps your disabled staff, customers and visitors to have an easier time when they need to park at your premises. This sign lets you make sure accessible parking can easily be found by the people who need it, and deters those who don't from misusing the disabled parking area.

The sign is designed to be clear and easy to understand, with a large disabled symbol helping people to spot it from a distance and find their way towards it. The materials available are all weather-resistant, making them suitable for long-term use outdoors. A choice of different fixings means you'll be able to display the sign easily whatever the layout of your car park, and it can be positioned where it will most likely be seen.

Used alongside a selection of our other car park signs, you can make sure your parking facilities are well organised and easy to navigate.

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