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Weather-resistant ‘£100 Fine’ disabled parking signs

Clearly state the fine for incorrectly parking in a disabled space.


From: £13.95 ex. VAT ( £16.74 inc. VAT)

  • Made from materials that are weather-resistant
  • Make your disabled parking site policy clear
  • Different materials, sizes and fixings available

Parking bays for the disabled are vital for any business with a car park.

They are usually placed near the entrance so disabled drivers won’t have to walk too far, and feature wider bays to help them get in and out of their vehicles.

However, some drivers will simply see these as empty spaces and use them even though they aren’t supposed to.

This could mean that a person who genuinely has the need and right to use the space can’t do so.

Our ‘£100 fine’ disabled parking signs will discourage improper use of these bays, via the threat of a hefty fine.

You may also wish to take a look at our durable polypropylene disabled parking bay stencils, which are reusable and will help you to clearly mark disabled spaces.

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