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Disabled Parking Bay Creation Kit

All you need to paint, letter and signpost disabled parking

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From: £346.80 ex. VAT
From: £315.59 ex. VAT ( £378.71 inc. VAT)

  • Includes stencil, paint, line marker and wall or post mounted sign
  • Save up to £52.85 with all items bought together
  • Help comply with disabled parking legislation

This kit will give you everything you need to mark out additional disabled bays in your parking area. The paint and line marker will help you easily draw out straight lines for wider bays, while the large stencil for road marking will help clearly indicate the bay. Also included is a choice of either a wall or post mounted sign.

Buying the items as a kit results in a considerable saving of up to £52.85 compared to buying each part separately, and helps comply with legislation requiring all car parks to have disabled parking bays.

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