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Digital Multi-Range Sound Meter

Accurately and instantly measure sound in multiple ranges


From: £130.85 ex. VAT ( £157.02 inc. VAT)
  • Automatic or manual four-range selection: 40-70dB, 60-90dB, 80-110dB, and 100-130dB
  • Virtually instant readings updated every 0.5 seconds
  • Highly accurate to within 2dB

This digital sound meter will easily help you measure volume, making it ideal for gauging noise pollution and other safety requirements. Highly accurate to within 2dB, the microphone provides almost instant readings which are constantly updated. The meter can work in four distinct ranges, which can be controlled manually or automatically.

The meter comes supplied with a battery and has a resolution down to 0.1dB on the display. The meter also has two separate frequency ratings for high or normal noise rate to ensure more accurate measuring.

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