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Dickies durable work-attire sweatshirt

Hard-wearing sweatshirt with a professional, smart-casual look. Suitable for use as a uniform in most workplace environments.


From: £14.25 ex. VAT ( £17.10 inc. VAT)

  • Combines comfort and style in a way that will please both workers and employers.
  • Thick material will protect the wearer from the elements in open-air work environments while ensuring the garment will last for years.
  • Can easily be turned into a branded uniform by embroidering or customisation.

Whether you’re looking for work attire for yourself or for your employees, Dickies’ sweatshirts are a great option. These top-quality workwear garments are designed to cope with physically-demanding workplaces without compromising on style. They are warm, comfortable and ideal for employees who have to carry out manual labour or work in open-air environments.

It’s also worth noting that these sweaters’ simple, uncomplicated style makes them easy to pair with other garments. For example, employees who have to carry out work in particularly harsh outdoor conditions can pair their sweatshirts with Dickies’ high-comfort microfleece jacket for extra warmth and protection.

Dickies’ sweatshirts aren’t just for employees in roles that require manual labour, however. They are also perfect for individuals in customer-facing roles. They can be turned into branded uniforms with minor customisation and they are smart enough to project professionalism in most situations.

Whatever type of workplace environment you intend to use them in, you will also need to find suitable shoes and trousers that can be worn with your sweatshirt. You can find a huge variety of clothing in our safety workwear range, so why not look for the rest of your uniform there?

If you’re an employee looking for suitable work attire, a Dickies’ sweatshirt is exactly what you need. If you’re an employer who needs to equip their entire workforce with appropriate workwear, you’ll be delighted by both the quality and the price of these garments.

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