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Fresh smelling Deoscreen urinal screens

Stops urinals from smelling bad and helps avoid blockages caused by debris


From: £22.99 ex. VAT ( £27.59 inc. VAT)
  • Features a pleasant 30-day deodoriser
  • Compatible with all urinals
  • Three different scents available

Urinals are a great way to save space in a gentlemen’s toilet, taking up less room than cubicles and ensuring queues don’t build up.

However, they do have some drawbacks. Used frequently and without a lid by design, they can quickly become smelly and give off an unpleasant odour.

Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for people to deposit chewing gum and other debris into the urinal, which could cause a major blockage and potential flooding.

Our urinal screens combat both of these problems with ease. Each fresh smelling screen is available in original, cherry or mint, with each fragrance lasting a maximum of 30 days.

They also act as a natural debris barrier, with their flexible and soft PVC construction allowing them to conform to the shape of any urinal.

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