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Deluxe ‘Caution: Trip hazard’ safety signs with brushed metal finish

Avoid tripping accidents with these stylishly finished safety signs


From: £16.99 ex. VAT
From: £15.46 ex. VAT ( £18.55 inc. VAT)
  • Cost effective and classy
  • 3M adhesive on the back for easy mounting
  • Two different sizes and attractive finishes to choose from

Employers must do everything they can to reduce tripping hazards in the workplace and keep their employees safe.

However, tripping hazards are sometimes unavoidable. There might be a crack in the floor that needs to be filled, or a step in an unusual location that can’t be removed.

That’s where our ‘Caution: Tripping hazard’ safety signs come in. Made from acrylic (0.8 mm), their clear warning message will help to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Each sign comes with an attractive finish in either gold or silver effect and features rounded corners for a truly deluxe presentation.

When trying to reduce the number of tripping hazards present in the workplace, our 2 channel cable protector kits are innovative and easy to use, offering a cost effective and comprehensive solution. Their edges are bevelled, allowing people and chairs to cross over them safely without tripping.

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