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Deluxe Foam Fire Extinguisher Instruction Sign

High quality, professional signs with clear instructional symbols and text


From: £17.95 ex. VAT
From: £16.33 ex. VAT ( £19.60 inc. VAT)
  • Clearly indicates location of and uses for foam fire extinguishers
  • Smooth radius corners give a sleek, smart finish
  • Available in rigid metal or self-adhesive polyester

These high quality, deluxe signs are the ideal choice for restaurants, hotels, offices or other establishments which need their essential safety signage to blend into their stylish environment. Available in luxurious brass or aluminium, or convenient self-adhesive polyester, the signs have rounded corners and a smart finish in order to give a very professional look.

The sign itself features the universally recognised fire extinguisher symbol as well as clear instructions on the types of fires and materials foam can be used for. We also have deluxe signs available for CO2, dry powder and water fire extinguishers, which you can find in our fire safety signs department.

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