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Durable Outdoor Deliveries Parking Space Sign

Keep a space free for your delivery drivers to park


From: £22.25 ex. VAT
From: £20.25 ex. VAT ( £24.30 inc. VAT)
  • Choice of strong, outdoor materials
  • Clear and simple design
  • Can be mounted to a wall or post

It's important that delivery drivers always have somewhere to park at your premises, to avoid delays for either party. Designating a space in your car park or elsewhere around your building lets you ensure that drivers know where to park to make deliveries conveniently, and that there is always somewhere available.

This sign is available in a choice of materials, giving you the option to mount it on either a wall or a post. This lets you display it where it will be most easily seen by those using the car park. The simple text is alongside the standard parking symbol, making it clear and easy to understand.

The sign is part of our full range of car park signs, giving you everything you need to keep your parking area organised and efficient.

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