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Deep Racking Pallet Bays for Pallets 1100mm & 800kg

Heavy duty storage solution with access to pallets from all positions


From: £503.00 ex. VAT ( £603.60 inc. VAT)
  • Meets SEMA standards
  • Includes footplates and fixing bolts, levelling shims and beam locking safety pins
  • Based on pallets 800 x 1200 x 1500 mm weighing 800 kg

These heavy duty deep racking pallet bays offer an excellent storage solution for large, bulky pallets because they allow easy access to all pallet positions. Adjustable beam heights make it easy to customise the bays to suit your requirements but the frame can hold up to 8212 kg when pallets are loaded on multiple bays (and depending on beam heights).

The beams have 4 mm thick steel connectors with three tongues and are secured with zinc-plated locking pins. This prevents accidental displacement of the beams. To maximise the strength and safety of the frame, it is recommended that it is fixed directly to the floor so be sure to check that your existing floors are suitable and capable of holding such heavy loads. To increase the size of the bay, you can add deep racking extension bays which offer double the space without you having to purchase a whole new bay.

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