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DEB OxyBAC™ Hand Wash Dispenser

Simple, stylish, easy-to-use wall dispenser for DEB OxyBAC Hand Wash – the safe, effective hand cleaning solution


£17.99 ex. VAT ( £21.59 inc. VAT)
  • Push button to dispense antibacterial hand wash of a grade suitable for food handling
  • DEB OxyBAC Hand Wash is highly effective in killing bacteria, fungus and viruses that can be transferred through contact
  • Suitable for one-litre cartridges

The DEB OxyBAC Hand Wash Dispenser utilises a sleek design to inform users of the high performance of the hand wash and contribute to a clean, professional looking environment. It is easy to use, and dispenses an industry-leading hand wash for any hygiene needs, either professional or non-professional. The dispenser has a sleek, clean design to enhance your business. Use in conjunction with the DEB OxyBAC Hand Wash Cartridge refill. OxyBAC Hand Wash is designed and tested to be non-irritating to skin while protecting against contamination.

Additional Information

Brand Deb
Description Deb OxyBAC Dispenser
Packaging Qty. 1
Supplied in Single

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