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DEB OxyBAC™ Hand Wash – 1 Litre Cartridge

A hand cleansing gel that is safe and extremely effective at killing bacteria


£68.99 ex. VAT ( £82.79 inc. VAT)
  • Rich-cream foam makes this antibacterial hand wash sufficient for food handling in a professional setting
  • Highly effective killer of bacteria, fungus and viruses that typically spread via manual contact
  • Long-lasting, six one-litre cartridges

Choosing the DEB OxyBAC package is a smart choice in hand washing supplies for bathrooms and kitchens. If you have gone with the DEB OxyBAC Dispenser, you will need the refill cartridges to go with it. DEB OxyBAC hand wash is one of the most trusted and effective hand washes, and is non-irritating to your skin. This order includes six one-litre cartridges in the package to keep the hand wash stocked up for your business. Get the best tools to meet hygiene standards in the workplace. Use these in conjunction with the DEB OxyBAC Dispenser.

Additional Information

Brand Deb
Description Deb OxyBAC Hand Wash – 1 Litre Cartridge
Packaging Qty. 6
Supplied in Pack of 6

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