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Compact, water-free hand sanitiser

Simple-use, fast acting hand sanitiser with built-in moisturiser


From: £14.99 ex. VAT ( £17.99 inc. VAT)
  • No need to use water - simply rub it into your hands
  • Kills almost all common germs in just 15 seconds
  • Includes built-in skin moisturisers, leaving palms feeling soft and smooth

The DEB InstantFOAM® Hand Sanitiser is a hygienic, practical and self-contained product, and represents an excellent choice for your hand sanitisation in the workplace. The multiple options for the DEB InstantFOAM® Hand Sanitiser represent the different components of this product, and taken together cover a wide range of uses.

The manual dispenser is made of durable plastic and can be mounted on a wall, and is quick and easy to use without any stray drips or splashes. This helps to keep the area around the sanitiser dry and clean, preventing the floor from becoming slippy and avoiding any waste.

The sanitiser itself is provided either in six packs of one litre dispenser cartridges or a 12 pack of 47mm bottles. It is alcohol-based and delivered as a foam, and upon being rubbed into the hands is absorbed easily into the skin, leaving no need for hand-towels or automatic dryers. The foam itself is fast-acting and effective, killing 99.99% of many common germs in only 15 seconds. It includes moisturising agents, leaving the palms feeling pleasantly soft and smooth after use.

These properties combine to make hand sanitisation easy and pleasant, and less of a workplace chore. This makes life easier for workers in places where hand sanitisation is mandatory, and also makes it more likely that guests or visitors will use the product when visiting places like hospitals, doctor's practices, dental practices and vets.

Safety shop provides a wide range of complimentary products, including hand sanitiser labels and hand sanitiser signs, both of which encourage visitors to make use of the sanitiser, along with hygiene roll and a number of other sanitisers, soaps, sanitiser dispensers and sanitary products.

This particular product has been positively received in terms of both quality and value for money - see the user reviews below. It represents an excellent standard in workplace hygiene, cleaning products and bathroom supplies, being a useful and efficient product in a variety of situations and workplace environments.

Customer Reviews

100% of customers liked this product

3 years ago

Service: An excellent service.

Product: Just what I was looking for.

3 years ago

Service: An excellent service.

Product: Just the ticket.

4 years ago

Service: Very fast delivery and good prices.Our response: Thank you for spending the time to fill this in, all feedback is extremely valuable to us


Product: Plastic dispenser, does the job.

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