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Soap dispensers thoughtfully designed for children

Child-friendly, colourful and appealing soap dispensers


From: £10.99 ex. VAT ( £13.19 inc. VAT)
  • Available in two bright designs with an exclusive locking system
  • Designed to prevent injury and small fingers becoming trapped
  • Large push button for easy operation

One of the most important lessons children need to learn in life is how to take care of their own personal hygiene and how this can prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Good hygiene practices need to be taught when children are little so that regular hand-washing becomes a habit; especially after going to the toilet, playing outside, or before eating.

Our soap dispensers are designed with safety in mind as they ensure little fingers don't become trapped in the mechanism. The large push button can be easily used by children to release the soap and can be operated manually using a hand or an elbow due to its generous size. There is also a small clear window on the front of the dispenser which will show the level of soap available and indicate when the foam hand wash cartridge needs to be replaced.

Children often need encouragement about hand washing and our soap dispensers provide a visual reminder every time they walk into the bathroom. Our fun and engaging soap dispensers can be placed in children's bathrooms within a school, nursery, playgroup or anywhere children meet together to play and learn.

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6 years ago

Service: easy ordering, prompt delivery, good value, nice quality items

Product: Excellent

6 years ago

Service: easy ordering, prompt delivery, good value, nice quality items

Product: Excellent

7 years ago

Service: Service was very quick and efficient.

Product: Product went stright out to site, so I never saw it. We've had no complaints though.

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