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Silver Enamel DDA-Compliant Fire Door Closer

Keep fire doors closed while complying with the Equality Act


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  • Adjustable closing speed and latching action
  • Smart silver enamel finish
  • Complies with the DDA/Equality Act regulations

Wherever there are fire doors, it's important that they're kept shut so they can do their job: stopping the spread of fire. Because people have a tendency to leave them open if they can, installing automatic door closers is an effective way to ensure this doesn't happen. When considering a door closing device, however, it's important to be aware of the stipulations of the Disability Discrimination Act, or the Equality Act as it's now known. This door closer is designed to perform in line with these regulations, so you can install it with confidence, knowing that you'll be operating within the law.

This door closer ensures fire doors are kept shut at all times, but sometimes you may want to keep them open as long as there's no fire. In this instance, Dorgard is an excellent choice. It's easy to install and keeps fire doors open until an alarm is detected, at which point it will automatically release them. It can be used in conjunction with this door closer to ensure doors shut in a controlled manner instead of slamming, as this unit has an adjustable closing speed to help you get the safest operation for your workplace. If you install an automatically-closing fire door system, make sure you display a clear warning sign so that people can keep the area clear.

With its attractive silver enamel finish, this door closer looks right at home in all kinds of business premises, including those where it's important to maintain a smart, professional image. It's suitable for use with doors up to 1250 millimetres in width, with a weight of up to 100 kilogrammes. It's simple to install and, once it's in place, it will keep your fire doors secured without causing a hindrance to disabled people who need to move through them.

Maximise visibility of fire doors and encourage people to keep them shut with our glow-in-the-dark sign, highly visible in all conditions.

Additional Information

Colour(s) Silver
Description Adjustable Door Closer
Finish Silver enamel
Product Description DDA Compliant Door Closer
Specifications / Characteristics Silver enamel cover with black fixed arm
Use on doors up to 100kg and 1250mm width
Supplied in Single

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