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Light level meter with built-in reading log

Inbuilt memory helps collect light level readings quickly


From: £205.00 ex. VAT ( £246.00 inc. VAT)
  • Clear backlit LCD display
  • Large measuring range
  • Impact-resistant case

Measuring light levels in the workplace is an integral part of ensuring compliance while carrying out your health and safety at work risk assessment. If you need something clear in the workplace to explain the main points of health and safety at work, our photographic information poster is ideal.

To measure light levels effectively you need a good quality, reliable device. Our light level meter features a built-in log of readings, so it will remember up to 99 previous light measurements. These can be displayed on the device itself, and helps you save time by needing fewer written notes as you measure the various different areas of your work premises. The large, backlit screen will help you see the information on the screen easily in varying conditions, and it features a bar graph display and function indicators.

The device measures at a sampling rate of 1.5 times every second, and is capable of measuring a range of up to 400,000 lux. This should be suitable for the vast majority of applications, and the unit is also fully cosine corrected with a guaranteed high level of accuracy. It takes readings using a silicon photodiode sensor and spectral response filter.

To prevent damage to the unit during use, the body has a rubber grip fitted to help you hang onto it. In the event it is dropped, however, it also has an impact-resistant ABS case, which will help absorb shocks and make it more likely that the device will survive a fall. It also makes batteries last longer with its 15-minute auto power off and gives you advance warning when they are running low.

If you also need to measure sound levels, we stock a similar sound level meter which works as the perfect partner to the light meter.

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