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You Are Entering An Asbestos Area' Warning Sign in Choice of Materials

A clear, highly visible warning for an extremely hazardous substance


From: £15.99 ex. VAT
From: £14.55 ex. VAT ( £17.46 inc. VAT)

  • Eye-catching design with large symbol
  • Fully compliant
  • Choice of materials for display where it's most effective

With all the dangers surrounding exposure to asbestos, it's essential that people are warned when they're about to enter an area containing the substance. This gives them the opportunity to stay away if they're not trained in correct safety measures, or to put on safety equipment if they are.

The sign is highly visible, designed in the standard yellow and black colours of hazard signs. An extra large hazard symbol is included to grab attention and ensure people recognise that there is danger in the area. With various materials and sizes available, you can order a sign that fits your needs, or choose various different sizes and types to make sure the warning can be seen throughout the area.

Our range of asbestos warning signs helps you fulfil your legal obligations and protect your staff and the public.

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