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Essential danger waste oil warning signs

Make staff and visitors aware of potential explosive hazards in the workplace.

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From: £9.50 ex. VAT
From: £7.70 ex. VAT ( £9.23 inc. VAT)
  • Universal yellow and black colours associated with danger
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Durable plastic or vinyl material to suit even the harshest of environments.

If you work in a place where there are harmful substances present, don’t let these pose a danger. There are various health and safety standards that, as a responsible employer, you will need to prove your business adheres to, such as installing adequate signage around your facility that can warn of hazardous substances. These oil waste danger signs are ideal for environments where it is necessary to dispose of harmful oils, and must be erected wherever there is a potential hazard to your staff or visitors.

Make sure you position these signs next to potential oil waste areas; you can fix them into place easily, even in challenging environments where chemicals are present. The self-adhesive on these signs is designed to be permanent, provided it is applied to a surface when it is dry and clean. Once up and visible for all to see, these danger warning signs display a message that leaves no room for doubt in the minds of all those that are using your facility. Clear text can be read underneath a universally recognised danger triangle with an electrical hazard symbol. The signs are appropriate for use both indoors and outdoors – we have a range of materials that are suitable for all types of locations.

For a multitude of environments with harmful waste substances present, these danger hazardous waste signs are another popular signage solution.

If your workplace runs a recycling system, don’t let non-recyclable or harmful products get mixed up with your biodegradables. These handy non recyclable waste signs are ideal for use in conjunction with recycling systems and help keep harmful waste where it belongs – out of harm’s way.

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