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Hazard signs stating danger propane

Eye-catching signs to warn people of the dangers of potential explosives


From: £5.99 ex. VAT
From: £5.45 ex. VAT ( £6.54 inc. VAT)
  • Complies with various compulsory workplace health and safety standards
  • Made from rigid plastic with smooth satin finish
  • Recyclable material that won’t harm the environment

Since health and safety law requires workplaces to warn visitors and employees of any potential dangers and hazards, purchasing and displaying a range of warning signs appropriate to your workplace is imperative. Our danger propane warning signs are essential in environments where propane gasses are present, and are an effective way of keeping those around propane safe.

The danger propane signs, also known as workplace danger signs or industrial warning signs, are made from a rigid and high-strength plastic that won’t scratch or fade. Thanks to their durability, the chemical warning signs are suitable for display in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Made with a satin finish, the signs have smooth surfaces, giving an extra clear picture that is visible to the naked eye from a considerable distance. The signs are particularly easy to apply, and can be positioned as required on any flat wall or object surface.

Many worksites are required to display a range of warning signs in order to remind people of potential hazards in the workplace, and to take suitable precautions where these hazards exist. We stock a full selection of different signs, designed to help any business adhere to these regulations. For workplaces where biochemicals are present, our biohazard signs are also effective reminders of the dangers of potentially hazardous chemical substances.

It is not just hazardous substances that can cause injury or harm in the workplace. Our caution mind your head signs warn people of other common potential dangers to ensure as safe a working environment as possible.

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