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Danger of Death Stickers for Workplaces

Self-adhesive vinyl labels for marking dangerous areas and machinery.


From: £31.99 ex. VAT ( £38.39 inc. VAT)

  • Self-adhesive, flexible material for easy application and use
  • High gloss for easy visibility
  • Ideal for use on curved or irregularly shaped surfaces

Working in dangerous environments means employees need to be well informed of hazardous areas. These bright and highly visible vinyl stickers will make your workforce and others aware of the areas of highest risk, and help reduce the likelihood of them coming to any harm.

Self-adhesive vinyl is tough and weatherproof, and able to be applied to curved surfaces easily and without additional fixings. Other labels available in the same material include vinyl safety labels. Our vinyl stickers are printed on a roll, to allow easy application of multiple stickers, and simple, mess-free storage.

Customisable labels and warnings might be useful around your workplace too. We offer packs of vinyl letters and numbers to enable you to write any message you need.

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