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Bright yellow warning labels for electrical isolators

Alert those present to the danger of an isolator in the vicinity


From: £28.95 ex. VAT ( £34.74 inc. VAT)
  • Available in two sizes
  • Vinyl material makes the labels highly durable
  • Self-adhesive properties guarantees easy application, without the hassle of additional fixtures

An isolator can be a highly hazardous piece of equipment if those in the area aren't aware of its presence. Therefore it should be a priority that, in a workplace where isolators are used, they are adequately labelled and signposted to inform staff members and anyone else that they need to be attentive when working or passing though/by an isolator location.

The bold black writing is immediately eye-catching, ensuring that these labels can't be missed. As you can purchase these labels in two alternate sizes, either 102mm x 102mm or 58mm x 58mm, you can select what best fits for the position you need to place these labels.

For more caution and safety signs, there is a wide range of compliance and safety labels available, so you can keep your workplace as safe as possible when potential hazards are present.

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