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Danger – Full Cylinders' and 'No Smoking' Double Safety Sign

Make sure staff and visitors understand the dangers of flammable substances


From: £11.99 ex. VAT
From: £10.91 ex. VAT ( £13.09 inc. VAT)

  • Highly visible design
  • A cost effective way to display multiple safety messages
  • Complies with regulations

Full cylinders of flammable substances are extremely dangerous if not handled correctly, and that also means that anyone in the area must be aware of the risks and act accordingly. With this multi-message sign, you can display two messages in one place, helping to reinforce the warning. It lets people know what the danger is and that they shouldn't smoke, so that the risk can be understood more fully.

The different materials give you the option to tailor the sign to the needs of your business. Rigid plastic is ideal for use on walls or other flat surfaces, while vinyl is flexible and can be displayed on curved surfaces, such as posts or the cylinders themselves. The materials are strong and hard-wearing, and can be used outdoors.

Multi-message signs give you an easy way to display all necessary messages in one place.

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