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Explosive Materials Warning Sign in Durable Materials

A simple but effective warning sign that conforms to regulations


From: £9.50 ex. VAT
From: £8.65 ex. VAT ( £10.37 inc. VAT)

  • Highly visible colours and design
  • Large symbol included for quick recognition
  • A range of options for versatility

In areas where explosive materials are present, it's important to provide a clear warning that can be comprehended as quickly as possible. This ensures people can avoid the area if they're not authorised or properly trained, or take any other appropriate course of action.

The highly-visible design of this sign makes it easy to spot, and the inclusion of the standard symbol makes it easy to recognise. The symbol is printed in a large format, so it can be seen more easily from a distance.

All materials available are strong, hard-wearing and suitable for use outdoors. The vinyl option allows you to display the sign on either flat or curved surfaces, which is useful for applying it to cylinders.

Our gas and explosive signs range gives you everything you need to provide sufficient warnings to staff and visitors.

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