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Danger Electric Shock Risk' Health & Safety Hazard Signs

Warn people of electric shock risks in hazardous workplace areas

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From: £2.25 ex. VAT
From: £1.82 ex. VAT ( £2.19 inc. VAT)

  • Fulfils Health & Safety Regulation 1996 regarding warning the public of health risks
  • Features universally recognised electricity symbol
  • Includes bold text on eye-catching yellow background

These electricity hazard signs are designed to allow you fulfil Health & Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulation 1996 which require hazardous areas to be clearly labelled in order that people can take extra precautions. Whether it be taking special care whilst navigating the area, wearing appropriate PPE or simply avoiding the area altogether, both your workers and visitors can make more informed decisions once notified of the potential risk of electric shock.

Durable yet affordable, these signs are a simple yet effective health and safety essential for any workplace or public building in which electric shock hazards exist. Even small electric panels can pose a hazard to those who are untrained and should be labelled as a potential hazard to prevent the public from making contact with live electricity cables. We have a wide range of sizes available in this range of signs, which means you can easily find an appropriately sized and shaped sign to suit the location in question.

There are three types of sign material to choose from when making your purchase: rigid polypropylene, self-adhesive rigid plastic, and self-adhesive vinyl. The vinyl variety offers incredibly easy installation - simply peel away the backing and adhere directly to any smooth surface. Since the vinyl is flexible, it's ideal for use on curved surfaces. The second variety is self-adhesive rigid plastic, which offers all the convenience of vinyl with a little extra durability. Finally, the rigid polypropylene variety is best suited for application on rough surfaces or outdoors, but sign fixings will need to be purchased separately and holes will need to be drilled into the sign in order to mount it.

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2 years ago

Service: I think it was good service.

What would have been helpful is a section for each item that tells you what it covers. E.g. You might want/need one of these if...

This would be helpful for duffers like me who although have a basic knowledge are still pretty clueless.


Product: No issues. Working well!!!

4 years ago

Service: Fast delivery, Issue with delivery/Invoice address resolved immediately, friendly and helpful customer services (namely Matthew Spence of Brady Corp whom dealt with my query)Our response: Thanks so much for such great feedback! We really appreciate the time you have taken to complete this for us and look forward to your next visit


Product: Good

6 years ago

Service: More than happyOur response: Thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback. All feedback is important to us and will help our continuous improvements


Product: Excellent

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