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Danger 240 Volts Safety Label Roll

A roll of self-adhesive vinyl labels informing passers-by of a nearby electrical hazard.


From: £31.99 ex. VAT ( £38.39 inc. VAT)

  • Easily applied on a variety of different surfaces, including cylindrical poles
  • Efficiently informs passers-by of a 240 volt electrical hazard
  • Brightly coloured with large, bold text and widely recognized symbols for easy interpretation

An electrical safety hazard can come from a number of potential sources, from exposed wires and areas with greater electrical fault potential to simply being in the vicinity of powerful electrical machinery.

This Danger 240 Volts Safety Label Roll is a readily identifiable and easy to apply method of informing workers and passers-by of a nearby electrical hazard up to 240 volts. Coming as a roll of self-adhesive vinyl labels that can be individually cut, these brightly coloured labels can be quickly fixed to most smooth, clean and dry surfaces – even traditionally difficult surfaces such as cylindrical poles.

The Danger 240 Volts Safety Label Roll comes in 25mm x 50mm and 50mm x 100mm versions, allowing the self-adhesive vinyl labels to be easily applied in a number of locations, while having the option of greater prominence.

For noting the presence of electrical hazards with greater voltage or for pointing out a general electrical hazard risk, we recommend our Danger 415 Volts On-The-Spot Labels and Danger Electric Shock On-The-Spot Labels.

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