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Long Lasting Danger 240 Volts - Eco-Friendly Safety Labels On-a-Roll

250 recyclable polypropylene safety labels indicating 240 volt hazard


From: £35.75 ex. VAT ( £42.90 inc. VAT)
  • Can be recycled several times
  • Self-adhesive and strong
  • For indoor or outdoor use

Our Danger 240 Volts - Eco Friendly Safety Labels On-a-Roll, also known as hazard safety labels on-a-roll and warning labels on-a-roll, can be securely stuck on to almost any smooth, clean and dry surface, whether indoors or outdoors. Long lasting and durable, this 250-pack of eco-friendly polypropylene labels can be used in place of self-adhesive vinyl labels, and may be recycled a number of times.

These strong, self-adhesive safety labels are used to warn employees, visitors and anyone else in the workplace that 240 volt electrical equipment is a potential hazard. All of the safety labels we stock comply with industry health and safety regulations. We also supply vinyl safety labels, such as these Danger High Voltage - Vinyl Safety Labels On-a-Roll.

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