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Self-adhesive Danger 11000 Volts On-The-Spot Safety Labels

Electrical warning labels for workplaces with high voltage equipment


From: £28.95 ex. VAT ( £34.74 inc. VAT)

  • Can be applied to just about any smooth surface
  • Made from durable vinyl
  • Compliant with industry regulations

Our Danger 11000 Volts On-The-Spot Safety Labels, also known as electrical warning labels and electrical safety labels, are a must for any workplace with any high voltage electrical equipment as they help to keep staff, visitors and others on the premises safe. All of our voltage labels are compliant with industry health and safety regulations.

These safety labels are self-adhesive, so they can quickly and easily be applied to just about any smooth, clean and dry surface. Made from durable vinyl, our long lasting labels are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The bold, black text and accompanying graphic contrast heavily with the bright yellow background, enabling the labels to be seen from a distance. Also available are Vinyl Safety Labels On-a-Roll.

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