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Secure cylinder wall brackets for gas cylinders

Practical, versatile fixing for gas cylinders of different sizes.


From: £91.50 ex. VAT ( £109.80 inc. VAT)
  • Robust wall holder for cylinders of various sizes
  • Powder coated, coloured finish
  • Ideal for factories, storage facilities or healthcare facilities

Gas cylinders are notoriously difficult to store, as their high, unstable shape make conventional stacking or storage options impractical. These cylinder wall brackets offer an adaptable way of storing gas cylinders of differing sizes in one easy to find location. The cylinder holders are made of durable materials that can accommodate the weight of full gas cylinders. A safety chain provides an additional level of security across the front of the bracket.

Brackets for gas cylinders can be fixed anywhere there is a suitable surface. Many premises order brackets in bulk and locate them in different areas, depending on where they are most needed. The cylinder wall brackets are finished in tough powder coating, this gives a high quality surface that's resistant to wear and tear and also protects the underlying material from moisture.

We stock a wide range of cylinder storage and handling equipment capable of providing suitable solutions to all your cylinder transport and storage needs. As well as storage cages, floor stands and hinged enclosures, we also stock single cylinder holders and cylinder trucks.

When installed and used appropriately, securely fixed wall brackets can be a great addition to your workplace's storage solutions. Cylinder brackets for walls free up valuable floor space, as well as ensuring that cylinders are safely stashed in a location where it's unlikely that they will be a tripping hazard. These brackets also minimise the risk of cylinders falling over, negating the risk of damage to your premises and injury to your staff.

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Service: Fast delivery, friendly and helpfull customer service

Product: Good enough for the purpose

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