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Custom printed green and white vinyl parking permits

Highly visible design makes checking vehicles for permit quicker


From: £87.50 ex. VAT
From: £79.63 ex. VAT ( £95.55 inc. VAT)
  • Self-cling permits adhere easily to glass
  • Deter unauthorised vehicles from using your car park
  • Easy to spot when displayed in the windscreen

With these self-cling parking permits, it's easy to ensure only authorised drivers use your car park for their vehicles. The permits can simply be distributed to staff, contractors and other authorised visitors, who display it in their windscreen using the static properties of the vinyl. This reusable adhesive method means that the permits can be reapplied if needed, or moved from one vehicle to another.

This green and white design is highly visible, making it quick to see when carrying out checks in your car park. This means that the whole process is quick and straightforward, and any unauthorised cars can be spotted easily.

Displaying one of our 'permit parking only' signs in your car park, or in certain areas, means there's no excuse for anybody to be parking there without permission.

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