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Convenient, custom made permit tags for authorised parking

Ensure rapid detection of unauthorised vehicles in your parking areas.


£404.95 ex. VAT
£368.50 ex. VAT ( £442.21 inc. VAT)
  • Customised parking permits minimise the risk of fake permits or unauthorised parking
  • Easy to see, so permitless vehicles can be rapidly identified
  • Made from durable, semi-rigid plastic

Unauthorised parking isn't just a risk to security: vehicles which are wrongly parked take up the spaces which belong to authorised personnel, potentially causing delays and disruption on site whilst essential workers look for somewhere suitable to leave their vehicle. Solve the problem with these parking tags, which can be be printed with customised numbers or other information to meet your organisational requirements.

These vehicle tags hang on the rear view mirror, enabling them to be clearly visible for checking. If you find an inappropriately parked car, use these warning stickers to remind motorists of your company parking regulations.

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