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Custom frosted glass effect window transfer signs

Raise the visibility of glass while displaying your own message


From: £38.99 ex. VAT
From: £35.48 ex. VAT ( £42.58 inc. VAT)
  • A stylish way to make glass doors and windows safer
  • Use the space for branding or other signage
  • Strong, permanent adhesive backing

Glass doors and windows can be extremely dangerous when unseen, potentially resulting in injuries if people inadvertently walk into them. Glass safety signs are a simple way to make clear glass more visible and increase safety in your workplace, but with this custom text sign, you can also use the space to display any messages you choose.

Useful for branding, information or any other type of message you want to display prominently, the frosted glass effect of the transfer is stylish and attractive. The signs adhere easily to glass, and the strong acrylic-based adhesive keeps them firmly in place once they're applied.

Making glass surfaces less dangerous and complying with health and safety regulations is easy, and gives you the opportunity for extra branding or marketing messages.

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