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Crusader safety-compliant full face mask

Highly protective full face mask that's also comfortable to wear.


£175.00 ex. VAT ( £210.00 inc. VAT)
  • Highly protective seal
  • Adjustable buckles for an easy fitting
  • Comfortable, safe breathing features

If you require a face mask that affords the highest level of protection against exposure to potential hazards, our Crusader safety-compliant full face mask is one to rely upon. This face mask comes with a whole raft of features that provide superior protection, but also gives high levels of comfort to the wearer. Additionally, this mask won't interfere with your vision, or your ability to breathe and communicate.

Suitable for a wide range of scenarios where hazards, viruses or contamination are a feature, this full mask offers dependable protection to your entire face. Of course, should you work in an environment where hazards aren't as risky, you may consider wearing a half-face mask, such as our Honeywell half-face respirator masks.

A sturdy reflex seal acts as a reliable barrier to ensure your face is fully protected when wearing this full face mask. To make the mask easier to fit or remove, it comes with handy adjustable buckles. To suit your particular preferences, you also get the choice of having this mask in silicone or rubber. Good visibility is vital when wearing a face mask, and you'll be pleased to discover this isn't compromised in any way with this mask. With a downward projection, you get excellent all-round field of vision.

Being able to breathe comfortably and safely is also a concern when wearing a full face mask, and this has been given top priority in the design of the mask. Twin exhalation valves reduce exhalation resistance and disruption to a usual breathing pattern, whilst the inner mask has been meticulously designed to prevent a build up of carbon dioxide.

This mask has also been designed to ensure the wearer can easily communicate, with a front-mounted speech diaphragm. A flame-retardant neck strap adds to the many useful features of this mask. For further assurance, it complies with relevant safety standards. To ensure you choose the right face mask for your particular uses, take a look at our many options of face masks and respirators.

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