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Crepe bandages for sprains and strains

Ideal for supporting sprains and strains and holding dressings in place

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  • Natural 100% cotton bandages
  • Ideal for multiple uses
  • Elasticated for a comfortable fit

These crepe bandages are ideal for various uses for minor injuries. They provide light support for sprains and strains and in addition, they are also suitable for holding dressings in place. Manufactured from natural, unbleached, 100% cotton, they are both woven and elasticated to provide a comfortable fit.

When used in the treatment of sprains and strains, crepe bandages aid in the compression stage. The bandage will shield the injured part, protecting it from any movement or twists that can result in further strain and injury. The crepe bandage provides extra support for the area, including supporting damaged tendons and muscles.

Crepe bandages are renowned for their elasticity, uniform smooth pressure and control, and for allowing the skin to breathe normally. These lightweight bandages offer support in many medical situations, with the superior-quality fabric ensuring it provides support, without obstructing natural muscular or joint flexibility.

Supplied in packs of 12 bandages, they are available in a choice of three sizes: 100mm x 4.5m; 50mm x 4.5m; and 75mm x 4.5m. The various sizes enable the first aider to apply a bandage to various parts of the body, such as ankles, knees, wrists, elbows or shoulders, depending on the injury.

The bandage layers will permit the movement of limbs when required, while it's also able to expand in case of swelling and inflammation.

Crepe bandages are commonly used for general surgical, orthopaedic or sports injuries and can also be used for dislocations, cramps, painful joints, skin injuries and tendon and muscle injuries. They are useful as a light compression bandage to support muscles and are popular among sports people to support the ankles, knees and wrists, for example.

They can be used for many chronic leg conditions; for varicose veins treatments and aftercare; as a pressure dressing for burns; for skin grafts; and whenever support is needed for the treatment of strains and similar conditions.

We also stock surgical tapes that will help secure a crepe bandage, providing comfortable support that will hold the bandage, or a dressing, in place and will remove easily when required.

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Product Description Crepe Bandages

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