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Protective Cut and Puncture Resistant Inner Gloves

Thin enough to be comfortable all day as an inner glove


£20.25 ex. VAT
£10.13 ex. VAT ( £12.16 inc. VAT)
  • Strong and protective yet flexible and comfortable
  • Protects against punctures from needles, glass and many other hazards
  • Can be worn underneath other gloves

In jobs where there is a risk of cuts and punctures, these gloves provide excellent protection. The gloves can stop needles, metal, glass, wire and many other materials that may cause puncture wounds, preventing the wearer from injury. Despite their high level of protection, the gloves are thin and flexible, allowing them to be worn as inner gloves without causing unnecessary restriction.

Because of their ultra-thin design, the gloves can be worn comfortably all day. They protect the wearer's hands while allowing free movement, which means it's safe to get on with work without having to worry about hand injuries or restricted movement.

Our range of safety gloves has something for every type of work and every environment, letting you choose the perfect partner for these protective inner gloves.

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Brand TurtleSkin®

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