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Tamper-Proof Locking Notice Board in Choice of Colours

Display materials in public areas without fear of tampering or vandalism


From: £110.00 ex. VAT ( £132.00 inc. VAT)
  • Locks shut with an Allen key
  • Different colours let you complement your branding
  • Secure protective cover

When used in public areas, there is a risk the information displayed on notice boards may be tampered with or otherwise damaged. With this covered notice board, you can secure information in place with its locking cover, preventing people from reaching it. This is useful in schools, colleges, hospitals and anywhere else where there is a risk that posters and signs may be a tempting target.

With a choice of colours available, you can order a board that fits in with your decoration or branding. The stylishly-framed cover locks in place with an Allen key, making it easily accessible but secure enough to give you peace of mind once it's closed.

In addition to this tamper-proof model, we have a range of different notice boards and literature racks to help you display your messages effectively.

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