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Counterfeit banknote detector pens

Quick and inexpensive way to check banknotes


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  • Works on many different currencies
  • 10 pens included in the pack
  • Easy peace of mind when dealing with cash

There are millions of counterfeit bank notes in circulation every day, and if you inadvertently accept one you're likely to be out of pocket, as they're essentially useless pieces of paper. Over the years, the counterfeiters have become increasingly sophisticated and their forgeries harder to detect without additional equipment. One quick and reliable method to spot the fake notes is to use our mains-operated counterfeit detector lamp, which will show you instantly whether you're dealing with a real note or not.

Counterfeit detector pens, on the other hand, are a simple and basic method of checking money, but are still highly effective. All you need to do to use them is make a small mark on the note in question. If it's genuine, the mark will be a light amber colour, but on suspect notes the iodine solution ink will show up as a dark brown or grey. You'll see right away whether the note is definitely real or not and you'll be able to take appropriate action.

One of the benefits of using a pen as a method of checking currency is that it can easily be done discreetly if need be. This is ideal if you don't want to alert the bearer or cause any embarrassment.

These pens work on many different currencies, including pounds sterling and euros, so they can most likely be used wherever you happen to be doing business. As only a small mark is needed for each note checked, each one lasts long enough to check plenty of notes, and with 10 included in each pack, they're a cost-effective solution.

When you've taken cash that you're confident is genuine, make sure you keep it secure in one of our extensive range of safes, which will suit all budgets and situations.

Additional Information

Material Ink - Iodine Solution
Specifications / Characteristics Yellow/amber mark for real notes

Brown/Grey mark for suspect notes
Supplied in Pack of 10

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