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Portable, Anti-tip Examination Couch Steps

Safely help patients reach high examination couches

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From: £85.25 ex. VAT ( £102.30 inc. VAT)
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Rubber feet to stop movement
  • Designed to prevent tipping

If you're a massage therapist, physiotherapist, or beautician, you most likely use a couch in your work. These examination couches can be very high, and sometimes patients or clients have trouble reaching them easily. This is particularly common among elderly patients and those with injuries. Providing steps to help people onto your couch is a simple way to make the whole process easier and make people feel more welcome and comfortable. The steps are lightweight, compact and easily moved, making them an ideal companion to our portable treatment couch.

Because safety is of the utmost importance, the steps have been designed to be as safe to use as possible. They have anti-tip legs, providing an excellent level of stability. This reassures the user and makes them feel secure while using the steps. The surface features large, anti-slip grooves, and feels stable and safe when stepping on it. The legs of the steps end in rubber feet, which stops them from sliding about on the floor. These features all work together to make the steps rock-solid, a comfort to even the most nervous or unsteady of patients.

Choose the option that best suits your needs and those of your patients, and you can have confidence that whichever design you select, it will be designed and built to the highest quality standards to give a safe way for people to get onto examination couches.

These steps are great for use with an examination couch in your company first aid room. If you want to set up a first aid area from scratch, we offer a complete emergency room kit, giving you everything you need to get started in one cost-effective package.

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