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Corrosive symbol warning signs

Easily warn people as to the presence of dangerous and corrosive substances on your premises


From: £2.99 ex. VAT
From: £2.42 ex. VAT ( £2.91 inc. VAT)

  • Provides clear warning
  • Compliant with UK and EU law
  • Suitable for a range of areas and surfaces

If your workplace visibly contains corrosive materials or fluids, staff and visitors must be made fully aware of their presence. Any spillages or handling of such materials can result in serious injuries, and the safe and authorised usage of such materials must be furthered with adequate signage. Our corrosive symbol warning signs allow you to rest assured that your workplace is safe and compliant with the law, and that you have reasonably informed anyone within it of the risks involved in handling corrosive materials.

The warning signs have high performance 3M adhesive backing for maximum bond even in adverse conditions, either indoor or outdoor, when applied to smooth, dry surfaces, and are additionally compliant with fire retardant standards DIN 4102-Part 1, Class B1. The symbols on the sign conform to EU regulations ISO 7010, and also to BS5499. The Health & Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 outline the need for hazard signs to be placed around the workplace to caution people where hazards exist, and this item ensures both a safe working environment and compliance for staff, visitors and the business as a whole.

Our other caution warning signs and hazard warning signs also allow for your workplace to be in full compliance with the law at all times, while offering a safe working environment for your staff. Corrosive materials can bring about anything from skin complaints to serious injuries and death, and correct, clear signage is a important step in combating any safety issues that may arise.

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