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Cork Notice Boards

A traditional, effective solution for displaying temporary notices securely.

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From: £51.99 ex. VAT ( £62.39 inc. VAT)
  • Natural, biodegradable cork noticeboard
  • A wall mounting kit is included with this cork board
  • Rigid surface for secure, straightforward display

Alerting staff, members of the pubic or visitors to recent news, upcoming events or other important data is an important part of an effective communication strategy. A static, visual display is still a popular method of conveying vital information, which is why cork notice boards continue to enjoy such popularity.

Made from durable cork which is bordered by either anodised aluminum or stylish oak, this noticeboard provides an attractive, professional space in which to display a wide range of different notices. Each cork board is dispatched with a mounting kit that enables it to be securely fixed to the wall. Not only does this enable the board to stand alone in almost any location, using the board minimises the risk of paint and plaster being damaged by notices being stuck directly on to the wall with tape.

Messages can be easily replaced as required - just unpin the old, outdated material and replace it with news on upcoming events or other crucial intelligence that needs to be acted on.

As well as being used as bulletin boards, noticeboards made from cork are also ideal for attaching documents which require a high degree of visibility and need to be accessed frequently and easily. Holiday rotas, shift rotas, a list of products which need to be ordered and other important information can all be securely displayed on a cork board.

Because a cork board can be used repeatedly, it's possible to constantly update its contents without compromising the viewing experience. Why not use a cork noticeboard to display Health and Safety information or First Aid Tips?

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