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Head-cooling bandana - suitable for use under hard hats

Keep heads cool in hot weather and under protective headwear


£23.99 ex. VAT ( £28.79 inc. VAT)
  • Water-activated cooling
  • Washable and reusable
  • Vastly increases comfort in hot conditions

Working in hot weather is a sure way to experience discomfort and fatigue, leading to reduced productivity and even lapses in accuracy and attention to detail. In conditions where workers need to wear protective clothing like hard hats, that discomfort is vastly increased, and so are the problems it leads to. Models like our vented hard hat can release some of the heat and partially reduce its negative effects, but it can still get very warm up there.

This functional, easy to wear cotton bandana is specially designed to keep workers cool on the job, helping to raise comfort levels and keep productive work ticking along even in hot conditions. It can be worn underneath a hard hat to help keep the head cool and eliminate the temptations to remove the protective gear to cool down.

The cooling wrap is activated by water, trapping it in its fabric and making use of its cooling properties. Placed in a fridge or freezer overnight ahead of use, its effect will last much longer and it will be more effective. Whether outdoors in the blistering sun or working inside with heat-producing equipment, the cooling bandana will make a huge difference and make high temperatures much more bearable.

A cost-effective way to tackle the problem of heat, the wrap can be washed and reused without losing its cooling ability, so won't need to be replaced every few days or weeks. With careful use, one of these bandanas can keep you cool for a long time. They're available in different designs, so you can choose that which best suits your workers or company image.

If you or your employees need to kneel regularly or for long periods while working, keep their knees comfortable, too. Our ergonomic kneeling pads make kneeling on any type of ground much easier.

Additional Information

Description Cooling beanie
Material Cotton
Supplied in Single

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