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Brightly Coloured Contractor Fusion Spot Marking Paint

Quick dry solution for a variety of common road and wall surfaces

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From: £8.70 ex. VAT
From: £7.92 ex. VAT ( £9.50 inc. VAT)

  • Clog free nozzle for crisp, clean lines
  • Becomes touch dry within five minutes
  • Durable markings last 3-6 months and cannot be washed off

There are many instances where it is necessary to mark a range of external surfaces, such as roads, buildings and grassy areas, and having a type of paint that is up to the job is essential for long-lasting markings. This Contractor Fusion spot marking paint is an ideal solution and can be applied to a large range of surfaces including asphalt, concrete, tarmac, metals, wood, grasses, soil, gravel, stones and bricks.

The marking paint comes in a choice of five bright colours for high visibility. It also conveniently dries within five minutes - much faster than many typical tarmac paints. This long-lasting paint is not designed to be a permanent solution, however, it will last for anywhere between three and six months, making it ideal for temporary marking needs. It also cannot be washed off, being water resistant.

The multi-use marking paint comes in a handy and unique nozzle bottle, which enables the user to apply the paint with clean and crisp lines throughout its life cycle and prevents unsightly clogging as the product becomes older.

Importantly, the paint formula is made from environmentally friendly ingredients that won’t harm the natural ecosystem or aquatic life. This non-irritant formula is also harmless if it comes into contact with the skin; simply wash it off if this happens. The unique solution is also made to last longer; containing 40 percent paint and 60 percent other ingredients, this substance will cover 90 percent more area than many of its competitor paints so is a particularly economical option.

Make line marking an easy task with our line marking paint spreader, which can also be used with our selection of spot and line marking paints.

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Product Description Contractor® Fusion Spot Marking Paint

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