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Stackable Container Trucks

Strong, easy to manoeuvre container trucks, great for heavy loads.


From: £114.00 ex. VAT ( £136.80 inc. VAT)
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • 250kg load capacity
  • Stackable to save on space

With these easy to manoeuvre and incredibly strong container trucks, you can easily and safely transport loads up to 250kg in weight.

With container trucks available in a range of styles and colours, you are guaranteed to find the right piece of equipment for your business. Constructed from materials which are able to withstand extreme temperatures of -20°C to +60°C, these container trucks are perfectly suited to the majority of industrial settings.

We stock trucks with containers featuring two fixed and two swivel sets of rubber wheels, making them easy to move. Sidebars have been fitted for added security, while there is an option to have wheels either corner or diamond mounted.

Our stackable container trucks are fitted with a strong plywood base and fixed diamond formation castors, making the units easy to stack and saving you space. Our mesh trucks have a similar plywood deck, but feature mesh ends and two swivel, two fixed sets of rubber wheels with low side bars.

As with our premier mesh sided platform trucks and our other trucks and trolleys, manoeuvrability is key. Specially designed and rigorously tested, our container trucks are an essential piece of equipment for any warehouse or other industrial premises.

The rigid build of these container trucks means they are able to cope with some very heavy loads without buckling under the weight, retaining their shape and guaranteeing you many years of use from them. When you purchase your container trucks from Safetyshop, you’re buying the sturdiest, most hard-wearing and most competitively priced equipment on the market.

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