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Fragile roof' site warning sign in durable materials

A strong, reliable sign for an important safety warning


From: £10.50 ex. VAT
From: £9.56 ex. VAT ( £11.47 inc. VAT)
  • Highly-visible design
  • Large symbol helps understanding
  • Weather-resistant outdoor materials

Fragile, unstable roofs present a particularly serious danger if they're used as a walking surface by workers who are unaware of the risk. As there isn't always someone around to warn others, having a clear warning sign in place lets people know not to climb onto the dangerous roof. Providing warning signs helps ensure you have met your legal safety obligations.

The highly-visible sign is designed in the attention-grabbing yellow and black of hazard signs, ensuring it will be seen. Its simple message is easy to understand, and the safety symbol is included to help staff and visitors to quickly recognise its meaning.

How the sign is fixed in place is up to you, allowing you to display it exactly where you need to. Our heavy-duty cable ties will keep the sign right where you put it.

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