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Durable 'Fire Alarm' Outdoor Site Sign

Help people find your site's alarm in the event of an emergency


From: £10.50 ex. VAT
From: £8.51 ex. VAT ( £10.21 inc. VAT)

  • Simple, clear and easily-understood
  • Helps fulfil legal duties for safety signs
  • Strong outdoor materials

A fire alarm is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment there is, and sounding an alarm so that staff and visitors can evacuate your site in an emergency can save lives. Because work sites are temporary, it can sometimes be the case that not everyone remembers where the alarm point is, and it can easily be forgotten.

This eye-catching sign helps draw attention to your fire alarm point, so it can quickly be found if there is a fire. This means it can be activated as soon as possible, saving precious seconds. With the different materials on offer, you can choose a sign that fits your needs perfectly, and can be situated at the best possible point on your site.

We have a large range of fire action signs, so you can always make sure any important fire safety features are easy to find.

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