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'Beware Hazardous Area' Construction Site Warning Sign

Warn visitors and the public to be on their guard for danger


From: £10.50 ex. VAT
From: £9.56 ex. VAT ( £11.47 inc. VAT)
  • Highly visible design
  • Universal hazard symbol for added impact
  • Choice of durable, weather-resistant materials

With so many potential dangers on construction sites and other work areas, people can sometimes be unaware that they need to beware. This sign provides an excellent reminder that workers and visitors alike should exercise caution when on-site. It is also useful for sites where some areas are more hazardous than others so that staff crossing into a different part of the site can be warned.

With its highly visible black and yellow design, the sign is eye-catching and effective, sure to be noticed by anyone entering the site. The simple message gets the point across quickly at a glance, and it can be positioned on vertical surfaces using whichever fixings you prefer, or displayed on a stanchion on the ground.

Our range of signs includes a full selection of site hazard warnings so you can inform people of any specific risks they need to watch out for, and ensure your legal obligations are met.

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