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Self-adhesive anti-slip surfacing cleats

For increased grip on floors with irregular or textured features

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From: £201.90 ex. VAT ( £242.28 inc. VAT)
  • Can be hammered into shape to fit
  • Suitable for use in low temperatures, damp areas and outdoors
  • Versatile and highly effective

Floors, ladders, the inside of vehicles and many other different surfaces can be unsafe due to the risk of slipping. On some types of surface, it can be difficult to apply an anti-slip coating due to the texture or raised features it contains.

With these conformable anti-slip cleats, you can easily raise the safety level of irregular or uneven floors by fitting them neatly over the top. The cleats have a foil backing, which lets you hammer them into shape to make sure you have the perfect fit. When applied with their self-adhesive backing, the cleats stay firmly in place and are durable and hard-wearing.

Suitable for use outdoors and in areas with high moisture or low temperatures, the cleats are ideal for surfaces like diamond tread plates, where they conform neatly to the pattern and make the surface far safer to walk on.

Our selection of anti-slip products has something for every application, making all your surfaces as safe as possible.

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