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Durable Easy-Application Pipemarkers for Condenser Water Return

Easily label pipes according to standard colour scheme

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From: £77.75 ex. VAT ( £93.30 inc. VAT)
  • Colour-coded for quick recognition
  • Resistant to chemicals and physical damage
  • Easy to apply without special tools

Pipemarkers are a vital part of ensuring safety in your workplace and help you fulfil your legal obligation to provide information on the contents of exposed pipes. These markers are designed according to the existing standardised colour-coding scheme, which helps them to be quickly recognised and their categories understood. All of the items in our pipemarker range have any necessary safety symbols and additional information included.

Constructed from tough laminated polyester, these pipemarkers are chemical-resistant and withstand scratches and scrapes. This gives you peace of mind that, once applied, the labels will stay in place and won't need frequent replacement.

With a quick self-adhesive application, the pipemarkers are simple to install and won't need any additional equipment or further costs. They're the ideal way to ensure all of your pipes are labelled as they should be, without having to spend large amounts of time and money to do so.

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