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Heavy-duty vehicle-towed salt spreader

De-ice large areas quickly with the help of a vehicle


£3,422.00 ex. VAT ( £4,106.40 inc. VAT)
  • Attaches to vehicles with a standard ball hitch
  • Spreads salt with a width of up to nine metres
  • Adjustable flow control

Sudden drops in temperature can lead to ice forming quickly, causing havoc in car parks, private roads, and other outdoor areas. If you need to ensure vehicles can access your business premises safely, it's important to deal with icy ground as quickly as possible so that you can work as normal without delays.

If you need to clear ice from a large area quickly, this vehicle-towed commercial spreader will make the job easy and let you work efficiently. With its standard ball hitch, it attaches to vehicles with the minimum of hassle and spreads salt over a wide area with an adjustable flow setting. Thanks to its pneumatic wheels, the spreader can be towed at speeds up to 20mph, so you can cover a lot of ground quickly.

Stock the spreader with our bulk bag of de-icing salt and you'll be ready to get rid of ice, with plenty of salt in stock to keep you going.

Additional Information

Capacity 250 kg
Colour(s) Yellow
Specifications / Characteristics 250kg hopper capacity
Tow speeds of up to 20mph
Supplied in Single

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