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Self-Adhesive Paper Combination Shipping Labels with Three Designs

Written instructions are backed up with pictograms for easy understanding


£48.99 ex. VAT ( £58.79 inc. VAT)

  • Choice of three different messages
  • Self-adhesive for quick application
  • Red and black print for extra visibility

When you're shipping goods, you can't control how they'll be handled once they leave your premises, which can be disastrous for delicate, fragile items. The best you can do is provide instructions to handle the packages correctly and these combination labels make the instructions clear and easy to understand.

Labels with symbols are a good way to ensure people know how they should handle certain goods, but the symbol alone is not always completely effective as it can be missed or misunderstood. These combination labels have the message written out in text, alongside four different picrograms to help people fully understand its meaning.

The messages available are 'do not stack', 'handle with care' and 'keep dry', and all of them also say 'fragile', so you can choose one that fits the type of items you ship or keep a selection handy for all situations. Combined with the symbols, they help you to ensure all of your shipments are handled correctly, so they arrive undamaged at their destination. Our plastic despatch envelopes let you attach important documents to packages and they're kept dry and safe on the way.

Our combination shipping labels are made from paper and the designs are printed in red and black. This helps increase their visibility, so people are more likely to spot them as they handle the boxes. They have a self-adhesive backing, so they're quick and easy to apply, which is particularly useful in busy warehouses where large numbers of shipments are handled daily.

The 102 x 102mm square labels are supplied on rolls of 500, so each roll has a large number to keep you well supplied and to minimise the risk of running out.

We supply a label tape dispenser that makes the application of tape to packages a faster process and is available with tape that displays messages such as 'handle with care', increasing the likelihood that people will take care of your goods.

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